Collaboration with Exquisite Gardeners at the SF Museum of Craft Design June 2014


Mully Art is thrilled to be collaborating on Joe Brubaker's Exquisite Gardener's journey at the SF Museum of Craft Design in June 28 through Sept 21, 2014.

Joe's sculptures will be on display and the Exquisite Gardeners will be creating the backdrop, primordial soup, from which his sculptures arise. His creation of collaborators 'The Exquisite Gardeners' has done numerous site specific installations with different topics of interest.




Branson Residency Winter 2013

This was an amazing opportunity to work with the students at Branson High School. Art Teachers, Allyson Seal (Ms. Seal) and Eric Oldmixon (Mr. O) invited me to do a 6 week residency where I lead the students through an excercise that they applied to their discipline. I met with them every Thursday.

I concentrated on texture. It is one of my favorite things ever, for anything. I started by giving the students 12 different 3.5" blocks of wood that Eric and Allyson had cut for them. They were in charge of drilling a hole in the back for a final huge sculpture that consisted of almost 350 blocks in total. The choice of texture was theirs to add to the blocks and they were asked to then document, by photo, different combinations of 2 or more that they were excited about. Later we combined them onto a wall in the high school gallery that could be interacted with by moving the blocks by the visitor.

After this excercise, students were asked to add texture to their different specialties. They were also able to take any influence from my work that they wanted as inspiration. Below are some of the amazing pieces they made. Please see the Branson Website for the student's individual websites and their work. I was really impressed.







Exquisite Gardeners with Joe Brubaker


I had the honor of being part of the Exquisite gardener team to help Joe set up his show. Go see it.

Joe Brubaker: The Exquisite Garden
April 1 - June 24, 2012
Carlsbad City Library complex
William D. Cannon Art Gallery

Bay area artist Joe Brubaker and a group of visiting artists will collaborate with local artists and students to transform the gallery into a unique installation entitled The Exquisite Garden. The artists and designers will use a collection of found objects, discarded materials and scrap metal along with a group of figurative sculptures created by Brubaker to make a completely new work out of a veritable jungle of disparate parts.

The William D. Cannon Art Gallery is a program of the City of Carlsbad's Cultural Arts Office.


Here are some of the photos I took in LA on my way to Carlsbad. LA always has a strangeness to it that I love.


These were flowering everywhere.


LA- home of the concrete strange. 



Love this 'garden.'


Crimes in Horticulture


Improper use of gaffer tape- no, it doesn't keep the sidewalk from shifting.


I-Park Week 4: Cube Gardens

I want to make a cube garden series like this prototype.





I-Park: Screen Printing Experiments

My residency at I-park gave me the time to experiment with Gocco silkscreens while working on other 'experiments.'

Here are some prints, they are in pairs but better half of the the 'Phrenology Egg' pairing had a crease so I have to redo that screen.

'Breath of Moths': this Anatomically exposed man belongs with the woman below.

'Cocoon Flight'

'Phrenology Egg'

 'Colony Collapse'

'Dry Garden'

The other half of 'Phrenology Egg'